GIN Rescue!

Spices as intense as the sea, a taste as soft as the dunes and a pleasure at any tide. If you don't try it today you'll never know how delicious it tastes.

Gin Rescue is a product created by the two friends Antoine and Oliver. Both are sea captains, keen boatmen and lovers of the rolling oceans. Antoine as the specialist for wine and delicacies and Oliver as the designer complement each other especially well. Both are gin connoisseurs and gin lovers. They developed the hand-crafted gin together with a traditional distillery.

On one of his trips Antoine was relaxing with a gin and tonic on a New Caledonian beach. The beach rescue crew was his inspiration for the name of GIN Rescue.

The concept is simple: if you like gin then GIN Rescue shouldn't be far away – rescue is coming and the enjoyment is perfect.

Botanicals and alcohol

Two year-old juniper berries are the main ingredient for taste. 21 botanicals also supplement the gin. Lemons, melissa, ginger, cardamon and coriander as well as mixed peppercorns make up the sensorial body of GIN Rescue. The basis is agriculturally produced alcohol from pure wheat. 42% vol.

Odour and taste

Fruity and fresh, with several spicy notes and slightly ethereal in the nose. The flowery components of lavender and chamomile create a balsamic bordure and the juniper berries and mixed peppercorns add their own distinct influence. Very round, full-bodied with a long, spicy finish.

Recipe suggestions

Classic: Gin and tonic with lemon, orange, a slice of apple or rosemary.

Refreshing: Gin and tonic, cucumber and a little freshly milled pepper.

Also good pure: this gin doesn't always need company.


The GIN Rescue online shop is currently under construction. However, you can already purchase the gin here:


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